What are Natural Pools? 

Photo credit: EcoPools Africa


Natural Swimming Pools, also known as EcoPools, partner with biology to bring beautiful, pure and living water into your life.

EcoPools are filtered by plants and beneficial micro-organisms as opposed to conventional chemically treated pools which make use of a strict chemical regime to maintain water clarity

An EcoPool is a complex, bioengineered system which makes use of organic chemistry and biological processes to provide high quality living water for recreation, biodiversity and its aesthetic beauty and calming effect.

Natural Pools offer a chance to enjoy the genius of nature in your own home and provide a swimming and landscape experience that is a far beyond what a conventional swimming pool can deliver.

Why choose a Natural Pool? 

Photo credit: EcoPools Africa

Natural Swimming Pools offer a healthier, more beautiful and biodiverse alternative to conventional chemically managed pools.

Instead of submersing yourself or your family in chlorine, you can swim in water that is alive, vibrant and rich in beneficial minerals. Maintenance of a well designed EcoPool is less than that of a conventional pool, electricity costs are lower and the lifespan is longer. The biological diversity and year-round interest in the landscape that an EcoPool can bring to your home or business can provide endless entertainment and inspiration.

How we bring you the best

Six Kingdoms has partnered with EcoPools Africa,  the only award-winning, internationally-certified natural pool technology provider in Sub-Saharan Africa, to bring cutting edge natural filtration methods to the Garden Route. Our partnership leverages 30 years of water engineering experience to deliver natural pools that are the best in the business.

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