We work on creating unique, entertaining, educational and rewarding learning experiences that will stick with you, your children, or students from your school.

To face the unprecedented challenges of our current and future realities we must be able to think adaptively, and to apply new and innovative approaches to the world around us.

Our educational philosophy is guided by a focus on place, systems-thinking, hands on learning, and collaboration. Through understanding our world and how to work well with others we can make rapid, meaningful change on personal and collective levels. We aim to create bio-regional learning experiences that address local and global issues.

We believe education should be practical, guided by the learners, experiential and fun. We organise, facilitate, host and design a range of educational experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds.

From sustainability camps and outdoor adventures, to workshops, training and content creation, we design, develop and implement facilitated experiences that enrich and deepen our appreciation for life on earth.

Get involved- contact us and let’s chat about creating exciting opportunities to enquire, explore and evolve, together.

For more information on some of our past learning/un-learning and interactive experiences, click here.

Using Systems Thinking as a lens for building stronger teams with TSiBA college and Outward bound facilitating the water games
Edible forest Garden workshop- Integrating forest ecology principles into perennial food producing systems
Tree planting- Getting active for the environment with Greenpop in Zambia
Take a hike- Outdoor learning through nature immersion with the Greyton Transition Town, St. Georges Grammer School and Greenpop