Sine's natural pool

Ponds are a fantastic way to create a bit of dynamic energy in a garden and serve as great habitats for frogs and dragonflies, birds and a host of other animals

This was our first attempt at a large dipping pond that was commissioned by a neighbour. The client wanted a pond to attract wildlife and create a focal feature in their yard, with a waterfall and enough depth to dip in in the summer time.

The pond was designed with an orientation towards the back porch and guest bedroom with a 1.2m high, 3 tier waterfall, a plant shelf around the edge and a 1.8m deep end.

Filtration and circulation for the pond is provided by a leaf trap, prefilter, energy efficient pond pump, an low energy airlift pump and 2 upflow gravel bed filters.. The pond is lined with PVC and we used local sandstone rocks that were on site to finish it off.

Finally, we plantedĀ  a host of water loving and water-affiliated indigenous plants to support the filtration of nutrients out of the system and add a natural look.

Since installation in July 2020 the pond has settled in well, attracting a large variety of birds including Cape White Eyes, Guinea Fowls, Sugarbirds and Half Collard Kingfishers as well as adding a beautiful aesthetic feature in the yard.

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