Our approach to food-scaping

We advocate gardening without the use of toxic chemical inputs, encouraging ecology in our garden and biology in the soil to thrive. 

Growing one’s own food can seem a daunting task, filled with nuance and complexity. However, once we understand the basics of growing and develop a pattern to follow in our garden, growing food becomes an act filled with reward and healthy, fresh products. 

 Our team loves growing our own fruit and vegetables and believe a food garden is possible for everyone. Whether it is a few square meters or a small scale farm, we design, install and educate on the following:

Food forests 

A food forest, or forest garden, is a type of garden plan that mimics forest growth patterns and principles to create a system that is complex and resilient while being productive and diverse. A food forest has different species in layers according to light and production. The common understanding that food forests can be left and will keep going without intervention is only half true. We teach people how to engage with their edible forest, how to prune, chop, fertilize and harvest effectively.  

Vegetable and herb gardens

Having a well planned organic vegetable and/or herb garden is extremely rewarding and ensures you are eating nutritious, chemical free, fresh food. We design easy to manage gardens that build soil and produce to your needs.  This can include designing of compost systems, irrigation and planting schedules. 

Organic orchards

Organic orchards are designed systems that provide predictable and meaningful harvests while abiding by standards for organic agriculture. Including a diversity of plants and good management practises can result in food that is better for you and the planet. 


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