St George's Grade 12 Camp, 2018

We try our best to ensure that our camps are rich, unique and engaging experiences that allow youth the opportunity to see the potential of open communication, engaged listening and equitable leadership.

From the 28th of February to the 2nd of March we ran another Grade 12 Camp with Greenpop and Josh Ramsey, a coach and facilitator focussed on youth development.

Although the key content of what we teach and explore is important, often the most meaningful experiences and moments happen for students outside of structured and guided times. By co-creating a framework of agreements and compassion we allow the students to share with one another on a deeper level than they may have had opportunity to do so before. We believe that this inner-transformation is an integral part of adapting and moulding our youth to be more resilient and co-reliant for a regenerative social and ecological future for us all. Without addressing our societies root values and ways of engagement we cannot hope to change the way we engage with our planet and all life and resources on it.

The camp was focused on the themes of active leadership, environmental engagement and open communication, and we engaged in a variety of activities with the students from a nature immersion hike and tree planting session to fresh water ecology lessons and river surveys (facilitated by the awesome group at Living Labs). We also spent a lot of time hosting discussions and conversations around what it means to be a leader, how to think creatively and innovatively to overcome challenges we may face in our lives, the importance of being active citizens in a world where our power is constantly being eroded by outside forces and more.

While working with a small group of less than 50 people for just a few days is not by any means large scale systemic change, we hope that we can at least light a spark with a few individuals and spur them on their journey to becoming active change makers and citizens in our society.

If you’re interested in getting in touch to put together powerful learning experiences to youth or adults- get in touch!

Thank you to the St. George’s Matrics and teachers for your awesome engagement, we learnt so much from you!

A massive thanks to Living Labs for your awesome work showing our youth the magic in our rivers!

Thank you Greenpop for enabling this work to continue- you guys are legends!

And thank you to Josh Ramsay for your deep and powerful commitment to supporting youth in becoming conscious, connected and healthy members of our society! Love you Josh!


Exploring the tiny beings in our rivers gives deep insight into the world around us. Photo by Jeremy Shelton




Nature calls…
Who’s planted a tree before? A simple act, and powerful metaphor for change-making
We all have the freedom to take action! Plant a tree 🙂
Even the cool kids can’t help get excited when checking out some tiny river fish- Redfins and Galaxis. Photo Jeremy Shelton
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