A practical sustainability workshop with Ecosunergy

In April 2021 we facilitated a day on a practical sustainability course at a phenomenally beautiful flower farm with well designed and implemented solar and biogas systems and invasive plant management interventions.

Daryl from EcoSunergy, a sustainable energy company, hosted the first two days and introduced the participants to the principles and design process for biogas, solar power, worm farms and invasive plant control. We built on his content with a day focused on soil, basics of garden design and action-based food systems practicals. 

We explored the underlying ethics and principles of permaculture, spoke context and individual taste and capacity when gardening and homesteading in general, and explored some of the biology and chemistry behind living soils. We also looked at the different vegetable families and how to plan, intercrop and plant for a more resilient and productive garden. The workshop included a practical of building and planting a raised vegetable bed as well as fruit tree pruning to ground the knowledge in the real world. 

We loved sharing our passions on this farm with its stunning setting and working examples. 

The course was engaging and practical and the participants went home with a lot to think about and enough tools to plan their own systems at home. 

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