Clayton and Lisa's Permaculture Orchard

In 2019 we designed and installed a small permaculture orchard on a property in the Garden Route. This landscaping project included a selection of fruiting trees and supporting plants, medicinal herbs and edible berries.

The clients, Clayton and Lisa, were looking for a starting point in their move towards a more self-sufficient and resilient lifestyle. The brief was to create a design and support with initial planting and a planting plan for the clients to continue with in the future.

The first phase of the project was to co-design and plant an organic orchard that integrated some principles and approaches from permaculture and food forest design to create an abundant edible landscape system. We used a variety of ecological landscaping principles and food production ideas in the design. This included a focus on supporting soil health and plant diversity. We also ensured the design was multi-purpose and low maintenance, in line with the clients wishes.

Finally we consulted on some options for water harvesting and organic vegetable production on the site. These recommendations will hopefully be implemented in the future.

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