Creating a vision for holistic land management

A core component in our work is a shared passion for embedding people into their designs, encouraging our clients to know their gardens and farms and the ecosystems that exist in their living spaces. 

By creating a clear and well articulated vision and goals that align to it, we support people in making decisions that are aligned to a greater plan, resource efficient, and in synergy with the needs of the land. We have created a customised process inspired by holistic management, edible forest garden design and various permaculture design principles which grounds people in their land and their own vision. This is particularly suited for  projects with many facets such as homesteads, small farms and properties with a public service or multiple stakeholders.

We facilitate the process to help clients better understand what it is they want from their property, how they want to do it, and to construct clear and contextual timelines for implementation. Our practical and engaging activities use both right and left brain and encourage a creative look at the land and the people that share the space.  The outcome of our sessions can be referred to when making and implementing decisions to ensure projects stay on track, efficient and aligned with the greater goal.

We recently ran a process for a project in The Crags, near Plettenberg Bay. The land is 4 hectares and has a permaculture design partially implemented by the previous owners. There is a large food garden, a multispecies orchard, water infrastructure and large open areas. The new owners needed a way to immerse themselves in the land without feeling overwhelmed and asked us to help them find a way to work in small steps but according to a larger plan. 

We spent a day facilitating our vision statement  process and working on a basic mapping exercise which identified key focus areas on the property that each have their own needs and priorities.  Our clients expressed feeling far calmer and more excited to move forward on the property with a clear roadmap ahead of them. We will continue to work together to implement and maintain the various sections at a pace that is comfortable for the couple in alignment with their holistic  vision.