Food Forests For Farms

Increasing biodiversity, climate resilience and food production at Cape Town's oldest urban farming initiative with Abalimi Bezakhaya

The Food Forests For Farms project was a collaboration between Abalimi Bezakhaya, the South African National Biodiversity Institute and Greenpop, facilitated and project managed by Matthew Koehorst of Six Kingdoms. The project focused on bolstering the biodiversity and variety of crops at five Abalimi Bezakhaya community farms in Khayaletisha, Cape Town.

The project took place in April 2014 and consisted of the planting of over 400 fruit trees, indigenous trees, medicinal shrubs and windbreak species to bolster the biodiversity of the farms, increase resilience to local winds, and supporting the farms with potential additional products in the form of fruit and medicinal crops. All work completed during the day was done by 200 volunteer planters, facilitated by Matthew Koehorst and Greenpop.

About Abalimi Bezakhaya:

Xhosa for “the Planters,” Abalimi works to help individuals and organisations in the Cape Flats to maintain a permanent system of organic food growing and nature conservation, focusing in Khayelitsha and Nyanga. With projects ranging from community development to organic produce production and sales, Abalimi is doing incredible work to facilitate sustainable livestyles, job creation, poverty creation and environmental renewal in the region. 

History was made today. In the next couple of years, we will be seeing those trees, cherishing those trees, sitting under those trees, and eating fruit from those trees.”

– Xolisa Bogani, Abalimi Bezekhaya