Greenpop Zambia Festival of Action

A 3 week event focused on implementing real world projects for social and environmental change

The Greenpop Zambia Festival of Action is a 3 week action-based conference on sustainability, environmental education and sustainable farming practises. The event is open for people from around the world to attend and consists of a full program of environmental sustainability focussed topics, from tree planting, food forest implementation and permaculture workshops, to bee keeping, environmental art initiatives, natural building projects and more.

Matthew Koehorst of Six Kingdoms has run the program management side of the project for the last 4 years, first as a full time employee of Greenpop, and for the past two years, under a contractual basis. The project is complex, intense and rewarding, with hundreds of trees being planted, tens of activations and events through the weeks and a huge diversity of people attending from around the world.

Key elements of the project that Matthew was responsible for include stakeholder engagement, site analysis, team recruitment and management, content development, logistics coordination, research and development, facilitation and training and project monitoring

For more information on Greenpop and their awesome work, visit their website here

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Learners watering their newly planted tree, 2016. By Marike Herselman


Teams gather after a planting day at Mwandi Community School in Zambia. By Marike Herselman
Matthew and Misha (Greenpop director) resting in the shade of labour amoung the citrus orchard. By Marike Herselman
Expanding the citrus orchard, 2016. By Marike Herselman