Sine's back yard dipping pool

Water features add biodiversity, energy and beauty. This natural pond was a fun and rewarding build for us.

The client wanted a pond to attract wildlife and create a focal feature in their yard, with a waterfall and enough depth to dip in in the summer time.

Ponds are a fantastic way to create a bit of dynamic energy in a garden and serve as great habitats for frogs and dragonflies, birds and a host of other animals. They also open opportunities for incorporating beautiful wetland and marginal plant species into the landscape.

The pond was designed with an orientation towards the back porch and guest bedroom with a 1.2m high, 3 tier waterfall, a plant shelf around the edge and a 1.8m deep end.

Filtration and circulation for the pond is provided by a leaf trap, prefilter, energy efficient pond pump, a low energy airlift pump and 2 up-flow gravel bed filters.. The pond is lined with PVC and we used local sandstone rocks that were on site to finish it off.

Finally, we plantedĀ  a host of water loving and water-affiliated indigenous plants to support the filtration of nutrients out of the system, increase biodiversity and add a natural look.

Since installation in July 2020 the pond has settled in well, attracting a large variety of birds including Cape White Eyes, Guinea Fowls, Sugarbirds and Half Collard Kingfishers as well as adding a beautiful aesthetic feature in the yard.