We take an adaptable, collaborative, and iterative approach to bringing ideas to fruition- Let’s co-create an abundant future, now.

Ecological design and landscaping

We offer a design and implementation service for ecologically minded landscaping that draws on a variety of disciplines to create beautiful, abundant and holistically designed gardens and wild spaces. Our designs work to integrate the needs and wants of people with the character and potential of the land. By focusing on our local ecology, and your vision, we create projects that support nature and provide for you. For more information on our ecological design work, click here

Project Management

We organise, implement and monitor sustainability minded projects that focus on food security, waste and water management, community development and ecological restoration. Working collaboratively with a growing network of professionals in their field brings expertise and diversity into projects when and where needed. For more information on some of our past projects, explore further.

Land management

We offer consulting advice and contracted services relating to land and landscape management in the Garden Route. We believe that through an efficient and sensitive approach we can tackle the major challenges to sustainable land management with positive outcomes for property owners and the local environment. Our invasive plant control team is passionate about managing alien plants effectively and diligently. For more on our land management services, click here


If you are looking for some advice, information, contacts or a sounding board for a project idea, contact us for a chat or to set up a site visit.

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