Land management

South Africa is blessed with abundant natural resources and unique and beautiful landscapes. As land-owners and land managers, making decisions on how to legally and sustainably manage our piece of this country can be complex and difficult. In the Garden Route in particular, the management of invasive vegetation is a critical area of concern for people as there are significant risks, both legal and physical, associated with having invasive plants on your property. In addition, invasive vegetation reduces your property’s biodiversity potential and can have significant implications on the value of you property.

We provide a consultation and contracting service focused primarily on sustainably managing your land with a focus on invasive plants on your property. Our team is passionate about working sensitively to manage problem plants while protecting our indigenous flora. Managing invasive plants sustainably can increase your property values, decrease fire risk and increase indigenous biodiversity, while potentially providing value-added outputs like firewood, wood chips for composting and gardening, and more.

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